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Dry Anaerobic Technology


Dry anaerobic technology is the use of biogas anaerobic microbial degradation of organic matter, by gas boiler or co-generation recycling heat energy, implements the resource utilization of sludge. By the innovation of heating and stirring methods, realized the high solid content, fermentation tank compared with the traditional wet anaerobic fermentation, capacity utilization by 2 ~ 3 times. Fermentation tank containing solid rate is as high as 15-30%, and the gas collected in integration of fermentation tank, covers an area of only the traditional anaerobic fermentation of 1/3 ~ 1/2, greatly reduce the fixed investment and operation cost. Compared with the traditional anaerobic fermentation to allow a small amount of impurities such as plastic, sand and gravel into the pot, simple pretreatment, and avoids the scum and grit and other factors cannot be stable and continuous running problem.Through many sewage treatment plant sludge concentration, and eat hutch garbage joint fermentation, realize large-scale anaerobic digestion, build a biomass power plant.

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